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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 11:00, in high definition. meredith: first at 11:00, we begin with a developing story out of orange county and a mo ther and daughter found dead in their home. good evening, i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. the two were discovered this afternoon, and right now, the investigation is far from over. wesh 2' s chris hush has been at the scene all day. he' s live in pine hills with the latest on the investigation. we are learning more about the victims. chris: we just learned that the victims are a 36-year-old mother and her 16-year-old daughter, both found dead right here in this line health home. within the hour, the medical examiner left the home with the bodies and said the detectives. we just learned that investigators are interviewing friends and family of the victims, hoping it leads into a suspect. >> it' s not good. >> in this neighborhood, it appears that investigators could have a mammoth double homicide investigation ahead of them. >> this is not a neighborhood that typically has this type of
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re just asking neighbors to be patient. chris orange county : investigators tell us a man left this house on santa barbara early monday morning. road he returned that afternoon , only to find a mother and her teenage daughter dead inside, both with trauma to their bodies, according to deputies. but investigators say there are no signs of forced entry to the home. and they haven' t been able to confirm whether or not they' re looking for a killer. >> did you hear or see anything suspicious? >> no i didn' t. no. chris those are the questions : investigators are asking neighbors, to find answers. as we looked for answers of our own, we came across this woman who says her cousin was the man who found the bodies. she claims the man was happily dating the older victim. >> describe to me the couple. how were they? >> i just saw them. i never really got close to them. happy, happy, happy, happy. chris as a large law enforcement : presence surrounded the neighborhood into the night, most are left in disbelief. >> i feel bad about it. i'
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that they were killed or anything like that. and i feel sorry for whoever did it. >> although investigators and detectives have left the scene, back live at the thing, you can see the crime tape is still surrounding the home there. the names of the victims are not being released tonight as they are still trying to notify family members of what happened here. again, investigators are still turned to figure out if there is a suspect that they are looking for or suspects, we have cornsilk and a to update you on wesh 2 news sunrise. live in orange county, chris hush, wesh 2 news. meredith: now to some breaking news. a scary scene at orlando international airport after an airplane' s engine catches fire. airport officials say the flames began to appear as the plane was starting up. the blaze was quickly put out. the flight was heading to tallahassee. all 9 passengers and 3 crew members were not hurt. it' s not clear what caused the fire. jim: we' re also following breaking news out of orlando. that' s where someone has been struck by a vehicle along west
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s summer knowles is live on the scene with the details. summer: right now that the question is whether or not the driver will face charges, that is a question we' ve been trying to get answered by obt tonight, but we have not heard back on them on that. the only thing they have confirmed is that the victim was being treated with less turning injuries, but we do not have an exact condition. let me show a the video that we shot not too long ago. this is what we witnessed, a man who witnesses identified as the driver of the car being handcuffed and placed into the back of a patrol car. we have been out here for several hours and we did see that man speaking with investigators extensively throughout the night. we do know that a driver hit a pedestrian around 6:30 p.m. and when we arrived out here, the car was still in the middle of the road with a shattered windshield on the driver side. additionally, there was a pile of clothes on the ground about 20 feet in front of the car.
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the victim has left her knee injuries but has not indicated at the driver will be charged. for several hours, the westbound lanes here on was colonial about half a mile west of obt were closed to traffic. within the last to minutes or so, investigators cleared the scene and reopened all of the lanes of traffic. live in orlando, summer knowles, wesh 2 news. meredith: tracking severe weather moving along the panhandle. chief meteorologist tony mainolfi has been watching these terms. is it headed our way? tony: it is moving through, but the worst of it will be a long i 10. your that tornado watches, not here in central florida. there are some showers and thunderstorms however approaching the tampa bay area to the west of central quarter. you can see what is going on, a big shelled of yellow and green, that tells us that the energy is getting closer to shore. using tampa bay radar, we have also had interesting thunderstorms offshore in
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easily pulling off toward the north and the east and away from us. timing the storms, here is 2:00 in the morning, approaching i-75, and fortunately, by 5:00, and around 4:00, for the next hour, happened on i-4, the being of the commute along i-4 will be rough. getting into brevard county, at 6:00, we are watching the line of showers and arms continue to raise offshore. looking at the timeline, the biggest concerns as you head out the door tomorrow morning all straight ahead. jim: we' re learning some new information about a shooting that killed a bethune cookman university student over the weekend in daytona beach. wesh 2' s angela taylor is live in studio with an emotional new 911 call made right after the gunfire. angela: police say a fight broke out at the clubhouse at indigo lakes golf club just before 1-am saturday. three people were shot, and one them died, and this was the call made by a friend of one of the victims. >> just got shot in the head.
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>> ok honey, i got help on the way. are you at indigo lakes golf club? i cant, i can' t give you the >>i cant, i can' t give you the address, man my friend just got shot in the head. angela former bcu football : player donkevious johnson died. two other students, tre williams and justine cunningham were hurt and are still recovering. 23-year-old lamont postell turned himself in. he is not a bcu student, but showed up at the party where this all happened. the university says they are finishing up new residence halls that will greatly increase the number of students who can live on campus and attend functions there. a memorial service for the victims will be held at bethune cookman university on wednesday morning. meredith? meredith: right now the coast guard is searching for a missing boater in some rough seas off the central florida coast. the search area extends from satellite beach to jetty park in port canaveral. the sheriff' s office and wildlife officers are involved. wesh 2 has learned the boater, 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain left from port canaveral. when he didn' t come back last night, a friend called police.
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his boat on indian harbor beach, but there was no sign of chamberlain. >> if he had his life jacket on , hopefully he did his chances , are good. we plan to have a search and rescue all night in case he shows up or somebody finds him. meredith: searchers were able to ping chamberlain' s cell phone, which was still on his boat. jim: new tonight. a florida highway patrol trooper is recognized for his heroics during a parking lot shootout in brevard county. lieutenant channing taylor was awarded the medal of valor and the fhp' s purple heart. the medal of valor is the department' s highest honor. he was shot in the shoulder while making a traffic stop at the pilot gas station in cocoa back in june. taylor returned fire killing zane terryn. the driver of the car, 17-year-old morgan mcneil plead guilty to murder and attempted murder. she will be sentenced as a juvenile tomorrow. meredith: a brevard county man goes out for a morning jog, and
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driver who refused to stop. investigators say when 39-year-old jason rodeghier failed to come home, his girlfriend went out looking for him and found his body by the side of satellite boulevard at dean avenue near cocoa. the highway patrol found small pieces of vehicle parts which could help lead to the driver. they believe the vehicle involved is a light gray chrysler with damage to a headlight and turn signal. troopers say the number of hit and run crashes has to stop. and today, families who have lost loved ones to drivers accused of leaving the scene, shared their stories. locally there were 20 deadly hit and run crashes last year and 8 of them are still unsolved. we spoke to one mom, whose 13-year-old son was hit and killed back in 2013. >> you didn' t stop to see if they were ok. if you can somehow say that life, what shows, that it was a real accident, is by you stopping and being responsible for what you just did. meredith: drivers who leave the scene of a crash where someone dies, face the possibility of 30
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jim: a daytona beach man is accused of beating two disabled men then forcing them to help try to use counterfeit money. 43-year-old anthony brulewicz was arrested saturday. his victims told deputies brulewicz punched one of them in the face six times, threw him to the ground and strangled him. the other man said he broke a picture frame over his head and punched him. they also say he' d print counterfeit money, force them into stores to spend it, then take the merchandise and the change. >> he manipulates everybody, he thinks he can tell everyone what what to do, and i call the cops, he' ll kill me. i had it on my phone he deleted it. jim: deputies found counterfeit cash and a printer in the home where brulewicz was arrested. meredith: now to some new video you' ll see only on wesh 2, of video of an armed robber in kissimmee. he targeted this store on north john young parkway early sunday morning, but when he tried to get the clerk to hand over the money at gunpoint, the fast-acting clerk ducked into an office behind the counter, prompting the would-be robber to
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just as police were trying to track him down, the 7-11 on john young near downtown kissimmee was robbed and this time the gunman got away with cash. >> the guy had a gun. >> what kind of a gun? >> i am not sure. i was really shaken up because he had a gun on me. meredith: the robber was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, khaki pants and blue gloves and he had a tattoo on his face, just under his right eye. jim: to commitment 2016. tonight, both republicans and democrats calling for family support on the campaign trail, in the form of a couple of former presidents. and we begin with president bill clinton trying to win support for his wife. >> if you believe that president obama say dusty may depression and now it is time to prove that we can make america work for everybody again, if we all work together, you should be for hillary. jim: president clinton campaigns as recent polls show his wife leading bernie sanders in south
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shrunk over the past few months. also in south carolina, former president george w bush returned to the political landscape, appearing with his brother jeb at a rally in charleston. it' s the first time the former president has campaigned with his brother since jeb announced his candidacy. and he says, he' s proud of how he' s doing so far and urged voters to jump on the jeb bandwagon. >> i am proud of his candidacy , and i' m really proud to have been invited. i came here for two reasons, one, because i care deeply about jeb bush. and two, because i care deeply about our country. jim: both former presidents h.w. bush and george w. bush carried south carolina in their presidential primaries. a million dollar mansion is vandalized and destroyed. way into you see what it looks like. meredith: also, remembering a life lost. students gather to remember a popular teacher murdered.
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jim: she made national headlines when she broadcast herself driving drunk on persicope. tonight, we' ll tell you why she won' t be going to jail for her wild ride. meredith: and a violent rollover crash. new details on a dump truck that fell a hundred feet off an
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jim: a popular brevard county schoolteacher a shot and killed by her estranged husband who then takes his own life. they were found dead inside of their melbourne home earlier this month. investigators say that the marriage was breaking up and horse neighbors say that he had previously threatened center cook with a throw bar. she taught math at rockledge high school and was a teacher of the year nominee. meredith: tonight, some of her former students gathered to honor her life. adrian whitsett looks at how she was member. adrian: this event was a celebration of sandy cook' s life, many of the folks here, the hundreds who didn' t want to dwell on how she died at the hands of her estranged husband back on february first. instead they wanted to focus on her life. the sea of purple proves just how much the beloved teacher meant to students and staff at
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sandy cook a hero to many. >> i will fly. >> even though her death was not expected. she is in a better place, a place she belonged. she was supposed to take me on my college trip next month. adrian: students lined up to talk about miss cook' s inspiration. >> she was a great person. >> she acted like a teen, too, she wasn' t necessarily a teacher figure you could go to her for anything and she' d be there. >> she was the best mom anyone could ever ask for. even though she wasn' t our mom, she was our mom. adrian: cook' s biggest legacy making people want to be better. >> she did so many things for the kids and demanded that they graduate, there was no excuse. so, those kids made promises that they will fulfill the promise that they made for her. >> we are definitely all going to make something of our lives. i know its really hard for everyone. but i know miss cook will forever be in our hearts. adrian: the school is also
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of a sandra cook memorial scholarship in perpetuity. this will just it already offers $500 in scholarships for the next four years. this goal was to keep that going forever. and rockledge, adrian whitsett. jim: a remarkable impression that she left. a foreclosed mansion is thrashed by vandals and it is about to sell for a fraction of the word. after the foreclosure in december, vandals covered the house and read pain and satanic symbols. inside walls and windows are spray painted black, and floors and fixtures were destroyed. that caused code enforcement officers to condemn the home. now, a realtor listing the home, says it is under contract for $335,000, which is barely a third of it' s value. and residents in the oxford moor subdivision say they' re tired of looking at it. >> it' s an eyesore we' ve had to , endure since we moved in six weeks ago. you think who would do this. it'
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jim: how did it happen? today, nobody has been arrested for the vandalism. we were not able to reach the current or previous owner. meredith: the lakeland woman who was arrested after broadcasting her drunk drive home on periscope has accepted a plea deal and won' t be going to jail. >> i did not know i would get this many people. i am super drunk in the usa. meredith: 23-year-old whitney beall spent a night bar haopping in downtown lakeland back in october. she used the app periscope to live stream her night of partying. she was eventually pulled over and charged with dui. she accepted a plea deal and will get one year probation, have to do 150 hours of community service, and she' s not allowed to visit any bars. jim: we have been telling you that stormy weather is about to move into central florida. to the north, where things are little more unstable, it has
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tony: we have several unconfirmed reports of nes to -- of a tornado in the panhandle. here is pensacola. some video from brandy. a tornado that touchdown very close to pensacola. the surveyors of the weather service will got tomorrow and probably take a look at this one. looking at the video from this distance, it certainly looks like it is a strong ef2 tornado. that is pretty rare for anywhere in florida. we usually get the weaker ones. this is an el nio winter and this is february, the time of the year and the time of the season where we can get a stronger tornado. right now is a take a look at the water vapor channel, we have a potent area of low-pressure going to tennessee, look at the jet stream. you can see the strong winds ripping off the thunderstorms. that tells us that first of all, when we take a look at the water vapor channel, that the strongest winds are going to be from jacksonville and savannah, not overhead, and that is where
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that does not mean we will not have strong, damaging winds as the line of thunderstorms comes ashore. very early tomorrow morning, amy sweezey will have a basic time especially after 230. there is i-75. lightning strikes out there. that means that we have some energy out there that is going to come ashore and in fact, take a look at futurecast, here is 2:30 a.m. approaching interstate 70 five, and then for the beginning of the commute, people getting in around 5:30 a.m., up and down i-4, there will be a good line of showers and thunderstorms. the biggest concern is going to be the wind and the very heavy rain. for those of you heading to work at that time of the morning and then by 6:00, through cocoa and melbourne, and then pushing offshore rather quickly. the rest of the day is looking good. lunchtime, and even commit will be in great shape. looking at the timeline, ocala and the villages and bush phil, 2:00-4:00. palm coast, daytona beach,
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central and feather brevard county, a little bit later, 5:00-7:00 in the morning. the biggest concern, the rain briefly heavy and then the wind working in tandem during the harder rush hour. never a good thing. there could be some hail and some of those thunderstorms. the raptors is very cold as it typically is in february. look at the rain, happen inch to 1.5 inches. in a pretty short timeframe. out ahead of the storm system tonight, it is warm, a little bit more humid can' t temperatures already in the 60' s, not going to fall a whole lot. downtown orlando, the biggest timeframe for the biggest activity is going to be about 4:30 a.m.-5:30 a.m.. by 9:00, much better shape. overnight lows, upper 50' s north and west. low to south and east, and for tomorrow, as the front across software, we get back into the sunshine and it is a warm day with a west-northwest winds. afternoon highs approaching 80 in orlando, 83 in titusville and melbourne.
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check out this forecast for wednesday, thursday, friday. it does not get much better than this. partly cloudy skies, comfortably cool later on thursday and yet again on friday. the bottom line is, once we get past tomorrow, we will be in much better shape. take a look at the updated seven-day forecast. 80-70 5-73, the polis warning will be thursday morning, heading back into the weekend, outdoor plans looking ok. jim: take a look at this new video. never threw a dead fish into the ocean because this might happen. this is off of palm beach were several sharkskin to the surface after a fish was dropped in. at one point, you could he went shark tries to take a bite out of the camera that is shooting the video. after a while, it seems like more than a dozen sharks are in the water. meredith: a closer look of a garbage truck that fell off an interstate in miami.
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falling 100 feet to a parking lot below. the crash damaged two other cars and caused some structural damage to a nearby park. no one else was hurt, it' s still not clear what caused the driver to lose control and crash. orlando city on the verge of signing another big name to the roster. jim: and an orlando magic man outshines a true superstar during nba all-star weekend. stewart: this special weekend was supposed to be all about 18-time all star kobe bryant. but all everyone is talking about is the slam dunk competition. even days later. why the judges totally messed up
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news at 11:00. stewart: nba all-star weekend was billed as the goodbye party for kobe bryant. while there was no shortage of celebration for kobe, it was magic forward aaron gordon who helped steal the show. what' s being widely regarded as the best slam dunk contest in history shattered t.v. and social media records. 7 million people watched the contest final between gordon and zack levine. another 115 million watched it on social media. levine won the competition in a controversial decision. this is probably the dunk that
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they have been on the highlight you catch this one? last night' s all-star game, professional dunker, that was his job. he turned a lot of heads, he s head, snatches the ball in the mid dunk. even the players were impressed. jeans. the youngest pole sitter in daytona 500 history is set to lead the pack next sunday. chase elliott is only 20-years-old his father bill elliot won the 500 twice. elliott is kicking off his rookie season and will drive the 24 car picking up right where jeff gordon left off. no pressure. the rest of the starting order will be determined thursday night. the orlando city lions are looking to give their roster a boost in the midfield, with some international star power. the lions are closing in on a deal which would land a.c. milan star antonia nocerino. right now d.c. united owns his discovery rights.
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meredith: take a look, it is a 400 carat diamonds, recently discovered in the african country of angola. jim: it is about the size of a credit card inexpert say that it is virtually flawless. the company that found the dimon says that it is entirely transparent. making it quite valuable and rare. and it could be worth about $20 million. give or take a few million here and there. meredith: pretty incredible. jim: did you stumble across that someplace. tony: let' s take a look at the radar because we have a line of showers and storms right now up in the panhandle. this one is going to race through very quickly tomorrow morning. from about 2:30 a.m. in marion county to about 7:00 in brevard county. check in with meteorologist amy sweezey out the door tomorrow morning because i think it will be ready active. not to much severe weather, but a lot of rain and a lot of wind. not worry about 20 euros, but the good news is, by the afternoon, 80 degrees, in great shape. 75, wednesday. 73 thursday.
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